Ouma Yum Yum Peanut Butter Rusks

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The Ouma legend lives on. The story of Ouma rusks started more than 60 years ago in the small North Eastern Cap town of Molteno. The great depression spurred Ouma Greyvensteyn and her friends to put their heads together to find ways of helping their church mission. Each woman invested half a crown and set out to grow their investment. Ouma Greyvensteyn used her half a crown to bake a batch of rusks, using her trusted family recipe and selling them to farming families in the community. Orders soon started pouring in. Today, Ouma Greyvensteyn is still South Africa's most famous baker. The Ouma bakery is still baking rusks on the farm Friedenheim, on the outskirts of Moltemo. No less than 100 full time staff work around the clock in shifts, ensuring that South Africans will always be able to "dip a Ouma".


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