Doritos Sweet Chilli

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ETA ± 25 NOV 2021

Sweet Chilli Pepper flavoured corn chips

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Fill up with Fritos. This is the corn chip for those of us who love life and chase fun. There's an interesting story about how Fritos actually came into being. In 1932 in Texas, USA a man by the name of Elmar Doolin stopped at a roadside caf´┐Ż on a Sunday afternoon for a sandwhich and discovered what today has become a massive brand worldwide. What he actually discovered were Mexican corn chips and he was so smitten with the taste that he decided to buy the equiment and the recipe there and then. Well, it wasn't long before 'ol Elmar was shipping these chips out by the bag load and making a pretty penny and it was just a question of time before his operation got so big that he eventually merged with our good friend, Herman Lay, and together they managed the biggest snack manufacturing company in the USA - Frito-Lay Inc. Fritos hit the South African shores in 1963 and the rest, as they say, is history! It's a firm favourite among millions of happy snackers all over South Africa and is made from only the best corn grown right here in our backyard.

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