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Check that your address is correct - spelling, suburb, postcode, etc
You also need to put in a physical address as the couriers cannot deliver to a PO Box.
Keep it in the fridge in a paper bag or air-tight container in the freezer.

Even though biltong is air-dried it is still considered a fresh meat and should be treated as such.

Store in a paper bag in the fridge for up to 2 weeks – it will dry out with time.

Store in an airtight container in the freezer for up to  3 months – this will retain the moisture.  Be sure to keep it covered tightly to reduce risk of freezer-burn.

Our fresh Boerewors have a refrigerated shelf-life of 7 days and can be frozen up to 3 months.
If we send by post it will be frozen, so there is no chance of spoilage.
The best way is for you to come in and taste it, we have tastings once a month, but we can also supply you with tasting notes on all our wines.
Please note the images do not reflect the vintages in stock.  We get different vintages from different suppliers and our website does not supply the option for different vintages.  If you wish to know the vintages in stock please contact us either via phone at (02) 9427 5168 or e-mail:  springbokdelights@bigpond.com and one of our friendly staff will assist you.
Yes when we send it by courier it comes vacuum packed.
Biltong is a kind of cured and air-dried beef that originated in South Africa. Many different types of meat are used to produce it, ranging from beef through game meats to fillets of ostrich from commercial farms.
It is typically made from raw fillets of meat cut into strips following the grain of the muscle, or flat pieces sliced across the grain. It is similar to beef jerky in that they are both spiced, dried meats, but differ in their typical ingredients, taste and production process.
Boerewors is a fresh, traditional South African beef sausage, directly translated from Afrikaans it means “farmer’s sausage”. Unless specified (like our Grabouw Boerewors that has pork as well as beef) we use only lean beef in our Boerewors. The spices used are mainly nutmeg, pepper and coriander. The perfect sausage on the “braai” (BBQ), grill or pan-fry, it is truly a great all-rounder.
We have around 511 titles listed on this site. All of these titles are either in stock or, to the best of our knowledge, can be obtained for you in a reasonable time. We cannot guarantee that every title is in stock at all times, but we are currently supplying from stock around 90% of items ordered. 
Customers should be aware that we are not solely an internet-based business - we also handle orders received by the web, e-mail, fax and telephone as well as our retail store. For this reason it is NOT possible for us to indicate current stock levels on the website. 
If an item is out of stock at the time your order is processed here, your order for that item will be recorded, and the item concerned will be supplied as soon as we are able to obtain more stock. In the case of items which have not yet been published, this will be made clear in the description of the title and, again, your order will be recorded and supplied as soon as the product becomes available. 
In either case, please note the following: 
  • We will do our best to remind you from time to time that we are holding an order for you, and to give you the latest information we have.
  • If we are informed by the publisher or supplier that a title is no longer available, we will advise you of this, cancel your order, and either remove the item from the website or mark it as 'no longer available' and prevent it from being ordered.
  • We obtain items from suppliers in South Africa. In these cases we ask you to be patient.
Most places in Australia.
In NSW we deliver next day however there are places in country NSW which can take up to 3 days so we can’t send fresh meat and products like boerewors. However we can send the groceries, biltong and dry goods throughout Australia to all the capital cities like Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and basically anywhere in Australia delivered to you typically within 1 - 2 days with Aramex Couriers.  PLEASE NOTE CURRENT DELAYS DUE TO INCREASED ONLINE SHOPPING AND COVID-RELATED RESTRICTIONS.
Please refer to Aramex Courier schedule.
Delivery costs can be calculated by adding the products you desire from the store and click on the checkout options and the store will calculate the exact shipping rate BEFORE you pay.
Please note we use Aramex Couriers and if you are not covered in their range we will be using Australia Post. All PO BOX and PARCEL LOCKER parcels will be sent with Australia Post since couriers cannot deliver to these.  If you wish us to use a different method, please mention in "Delivery Notes" at checkout.
If you wish to PICK UP IN THE STORE you can select this at checkout before payment in the "Shipping" section.  Under "Your region" simply click on the flyout-arrow next to "Australia Wide" and select "Pick Up".  This will ensure that no shipping charges is added.  You can enter your preferred pick up date or any other information in "Delivery Notes".
To see estimated delivery times please click HERE.  Please note that delivery is estimated from date of pick up, not the date you place the order - we need time to get the order ready and the couriers do not operate over the weekend. PLEASE NOTE CURRENT DELAYS DUE TO INCREASED ONLINE SHOPPING AND COVID-RELATED RESTRICTIONS
Please note we use Aramex Couriers and if you are not covered in their range we will be using Australia Post.  If you wish us to use a different method, please mention in "Delivery Notes" at checkout.

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