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An effective multi-purpose cleaner suitable for kitchens, bathrooms & hands.


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Handy Andy Cream Lavender 750ml

Lavender flavour Handy Andy Cream is packed full of cleaning power and millions of microparticles to remove even the touchest dirt easily.

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Vim Extra Strong

Vim Scouring Powder removes even the toughest grime and stains, leaving household surfaces clean.

Its multi-purpose formula means that it is designed to be used on sinks, baths, basins, toilet bowls, ceramic tiles, cookers, pots, pans and other working surfaces in and around the home.

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Jeyes Fluid

Jeyes Fluid is a multi-purpose Carbolic Acid Coefficient 4 to 6 Black coal-tar type disinfectant that can be used to disinfect, clean and remove grease while killing germs.

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